EFlyer - FTTDE - Timperly Sports Sun 25 only (2)

Interactive Theatre International Company have just announced that Timperley Sports Club has been chosen as the venue for the globetrotting show, ‘Faulty Towers’ with performances on Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th June.

This globetrotting show is legendary, selling out in places like Edinburgh Fringe, Raffles Singapore and Sydney Opera House. In this, its 20th birthday year, it debuts at Timperley Sports Club, but be warned: it will sell out here too, so early booking is essential.

Chaos greets audiences as soon as they walk through the door. In this fully immersive experience, the audience become diners in the infamous ‘Faulty’ restaurant, served a 3-course meal by Basil, Sybil and Manuel. Expect lashings of laughter, bowls full of spontaneity and as much audience participation as individual audience members want. And with 70% of the show improvised, no two performances are ever the same.

Commenting on the announcement, John Allen, Club Secretary said:

“We are delighted to be accommodating this fabulous show. Faulty Towers the Dining Experience is a worldwide hit, appearing in around 20 countries. There will be two performances, one on the Saturday evening 24th , which is already almost a sell-out, and the other on the Sunday lunch time.  Tickets are £37.50 each. – Book early!”